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No one understands the frustration of a broken smartphone more than we, at GadgetTLC, do.

Whether your lifeline is an iPhone or an Android device, it can be detrimental to your day when it is not working properly. Fortunately, we at GadgetTLC can help solve your problems and get you back up and running. Visit one of our retail locations or mail your device to us – whichever option is most convenient – and our experts will correct the problem. GadgetTLC has the skills and service to repair your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android tablet or gaming console.

As delicate as they are, iPhone and Android screen are cracked, smashed, or completely destroyed on a daily basis. Until now, however, having a screen repaired was both inconvenient and expensive, especially when the warranties are limited, unless you pay for an expensive extended warranty. However, our experts at GadgetTLC can repair a broken Apple or Android smart device in as little as 15 minutes for an affordable rate.

What can be more expensive is replacing your phone, which is why you should consult with an expert at GadgetTLC to find out what it’s going to take to get your device repaired. Our repair services are both high quality and affordable, which can keep your wallet from feeling the pangs of purchasing a new device. In addition, these quality repairs can extend and preserve the life of your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and/or gaming console, even beyond what the manufacturer’s warranty covers.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles are investments, and in most cases, expensive ones. If you own one – or more – of these devices you know that you want to be able to use it for years to come, and in order to do so, you will likely need repairs. Although you could purchase a newly released model instead, having your current device repaired can save you money and allow you to enjoy your device longer without the expensive cost of an upgrade. GadgetTLC Phone Repair works hard to continue to provide a comprehensive smartphone and smart device repair solution by providing a 30-day warranty on both parts and labor on each device we repair. Visit one of our retail outlets today or contact us to find out more information.

If you are in need of a repair to your smart device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or gaming console, contact GadgetTLC. Our experts will take a look at your device and let you know what repairs are needed, how long they will take, and what the estimated cost for parts and labor will be. Call or stop into a GadgetTLC retail location today for your free consultation!
Repairing a smartphone, tablet, or gaming console takes skill and expertise. Our staff at GadgetTLC has what it takes, as well as the necessary tools and parts, to get your devices back into work order. Stop into one of our retail locations, or give us a call today, to ensure that your devices are repaired by skilled technicians who also possess excellent customer service skills.
At GadgetTLC, we have the skills and expertise needed to repair a variety of different devices. This includes Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod, as well as Android devices, including smartphone and tablets. In addition, we can repair laptops and gaming consoles, all with quality parts.
If you are tired of trying to read between the lines or cracks on your smart device screen, or cannot even look at anything on your screen because it is broken, stress no more. Our technicians as GadgetTLC can repair broken screens in a matter of minutes. Many of the screens for a variety of devices are in stock, which allows us to conduct the repairs quickly so that you can begin to see more clearly.
All devices have a limited manufacturer’s warranty. However, it seems that damage typically occurs after the warranty has expired, or the damage is not covered by the warranty, such as a cracked screen. At GadgetTLC, you can ensure that your device is worked on by skilled technicians, and that the parts used and labor conducted is covered for an additional 30 days.